MRCP Part 1 Exam 2024: Countdown Begins

Mon 07, 2024
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The MRCP Part 1 exam 2024 is just around the corner, and exam preparation is on its final lap. Registration closed on June 10 for the third MRCP Part 1 August exam. With a few weeks to go, the candidates are in the final phase of preparation.

What is MRCP Exam

MRCP is the number one choice for achieving a medical license in the UK. It is a three-part exam that comprehensively tests your overall theoretical and clinical prowess. The MRCP is awarded to successful candidates by the Royal College of Physicians.

Eligibility Criteria

The MRCP Part 1 exam can be attempted by any medical professional with a medical degree from a medical university recognised by the GMC (General Medical Council) and at least a year of past-graduation experience. This is a wonderful opportunity for medical professionals seeking a medical career beyond borders.

MRCP Exam important dates

The exam registration was opened on July 3rd and closed on June 10th for the third Part 1 exam of 2024. The exam will be conducted on August 14, 2024, and the results will be out on September 13.

Keep the exam date in mind and plan accordingly for your upcoming compact learning sessions. The right strategy and learning methods, along with a bit of discipline, can go a long way.

Exam Format and What’s Next

The MRCP Part 1 exam consists of two exams with 100 MCQ-formatted questions each. Both of these exams follow the best-of-five-question format. The exam is six hours long, divided equally among the two exams, and takes place on the same day.

Only successful MRCP Part 1 candidates are eligible to take part in the subsequent examination and achieve the dream of a medical career that shatters boundaries.

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