MRCP PACES 2024 Exam: Arm Yourself with These Preparation Tips

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  • BY StudyMEDIC - 02nd Mar 2024

MRCP PACES 2024 Exam: Arm Yourself with These Preparation Tips

Are you gearing up for the upcoming MRCP PACES exam? As the third and final step in gaining proud membership of the RCP, qualifying MRCP(UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination is a challenging journey for many. Here we will guide you on how to systematize your preparation to clear the test easily in one go. 

What’s Involved in MRCP PACES?

MRCP PACES is a half-day examination that takes place in a clinical setting. This clinical setting can either be a hospital or a clinical skills center. This objective structured clinical examination consists of five stations and eight patient encounters. At each station, there are two independent examiners who will observe and evaluate the candidates’ performance.

 The exam focuses on checking an aspirant’s ability to carry out essential clinical skills, evaluating history-taking, physical examination, communication, clinical management, and procedural skills. It involves patient encounters and is marked on seven core skills.

How to Prepare for MRCP PACES Exam Preparation?

It is recommended to start preparing 3-6 months before the exam. Create a plan that can cover all important concepts as per the MRCP PACES exam syllabus. Stick to the plan.

Integrate patient examination into daily practice, seek feedback from seniors, attend PACES teaching, and use online resources and videos to understand exam expectations and improve clinical skills. You should focus on both communication and clinical stations. Candidates are evaluated on their communication skills in stations 1 and 4, which consist of two 10-minute communication encounters.

For the clinical stations (stations 2 and 5), candidates are expected to conduct structured histories, examine patients, discuss probable diagnoses and management, and address any questions or concerns. 

As the PACES exam assesses clinical skills through patient encounters, it requires a different kind of approach to preparation.  If you feel that you have done badly at one encounter, it is important that you try and remember this will not affect your marks at the next encounter and that you can still pass the exam.

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