MRCP Part 1; All You need to know about Exam Pattern and Fees

Fri 05, 2024
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Membership of the Royal College of Physicians is a highly recognized postgraduate medical qualification. Are you a candidate preparing for the MRCP Part 1 examination? Here we are discussing everything a MRCP Part 1 aspirant needs to know about the exam patterns and fees.

Exam Pattern

MRCP Part A exam is the entry-level examination for achieving the coveted membership in the Royal College of physicians . This exam is primarily designed to test the knowledge and foundation of the aspirants in the clinical sciences relevant to medical practice and of common or important disorders to a level appropriate for entry to specialist training.

The MRCP Part 1 is a one day examination with two papers. Each paper is of two hour duration. It contains 100 multiple choice questions in ‘best of five’ format. As per this candidate needs to choose the best answer from the five possible answers. Each correct answer is awarded with one mark. There is no negative marking.

Exam Fees

RCP will not accept applications submitted outside the final dates. All UK exams are online. The online exam is only available to UK-based candidates, international candidates in a Federation Training Program, and trainees based in Malaysia. The current exam fee for aspirants from the UK is£460 and for international aspirants the exam fee is £616.

If your goal is to qualify for the MRCP Part 1 examination, Have a clear idea about the exam pattern and exam fees. It is necessary for you to know the ins and outs of the examination. Once you create an idea about the examination, you can start your preparation. With hard work and self-confidence, you will be able to achieve success. All the best

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